5 Lawn Care Tips To Have The Best Lawn On The Block

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It’s no surprise that most people believe taking care of their lawn takes up a lot of time.
But the truth is a well-kept lawn adds enormous curb appeal to your home. It also makes it more pleasant for you to be outside and entertain others.
Taking care of your lawn is just as important as maintaining the rest of your home. Here are five lawn care tips to ensure you’ll have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

1. Regularly Rake Up Any Debris

It’s important to get rid of leaves, pine needles, and any other debris to allow sunlight and oxygen to reach your lawn. Leaving leaves and other debris can cause brown patches to form.If you live in a cold region, debris should be removed before winter snow arrives. It should also be cleaned up in the springtime before grass has a chance to start growing again.Use a gentle rake and never rake when the lawn is wet, or the grass can be pulled right out of the ground.

2. Aerate the Lawn
Aerating the soil helps oxygen and fertilizer penetrate your lawn. It will also encourage healthy roots and discourage thatch growth.

There’s a variety of lawn aerators available for all types of lawns. You may want to speak with a lawn care specialist for recommendations on which ones will work best for your type of grass.

3. Reseed It
By summer’s end, your lawn may show some bare areas. The early spring is the best time to reseed patchy areas to help fill in these spots and discourage weed growth.

This is one time when you should cut your grass a little shorter than usual (see tip #4) and make sure to rake up the clippings. You can also add a little-enriched soil to encourage the seeds to grow.

4. Cut Grass Short, But Not to Short
Homeowners will often adjust the blade of their mower to achieve the shortest cut. Their reasoning usually is the shorter the grass, the longer they can go in between mowing.

However, cutting grass super short has a downside. Grass needs longer roots to give it pest control qualities and help it fend off diseases. By cutting grass too short, the roots don’t get a chance to grow long enough.

Cut grass so that it stands anywhere between two and a half to three inches high. This will also allow it to overshadow any weeds.

5. Water it Regularly
Just like all plants, grass needs the right amount of water to grow lush and strong. How often you need to water and how much depends upon the variety of grass you have. This will require doing some research to determine how often you should be watering your lawn.

No matter what kind of grass you have, watering the lawn early in the morning, between 5 and 10 AM will yield the best results. This is because a cool lawn will absorb water better than one baking in the sun.

Follow These Lawn Care Tips For the Best Lawn
Now you know five lawn care tips to achieve a lush, green yard that everyone will love walking barefoot on. Even homeowners who follow these tips could use a little help from time to time, however.