Best Lawn Care Secret: When To Fertilize Your Lawn

Best Lawn Care Secret - When to Fertilize Your Lawn

Best Times To Fertilize Yards in Pueblo and Canon City

​There are basically 3 points to think about when fertilizing your lawn: type of grass, type of fertilizer, and time of year. To determine when you need to fertilize your grass throughout the year is determined by above 3 points.  In all cases, fertilizing your grass will certainly keep it healthy, weed totally free, thicker as well as greener than all your next-door neighbors.

Depending upon the kind of grass you have (warm or cool season) will help determine when is the best time to fertilize. Cool season grasses have 2 growing times of the year. The first of these is right after the grass appears from winter season inactivity and the 2nd is in early Fall, when the summer heat wave is over. If you are in the southern part of the country and have a warm season grass, like Bermuda or Zoysia, then your grass will prosper in the warmer summer season. You will need to fertilize when your lawn starts to green and then again thin the late summer.

There are a number of different types of fertilizers that you can buy. Many of these fertilizers include combinations of different nutrients like nitrogen and also iron. Fertilizers are additionally commonly combined with weed preventer and insect control chemicals to maintain your healthy lawn. Cool season grasses will thrive with a heavy application of nitrogen late in the season whereas warm season grasses require heavy nitrogen in the very early spring months. Be alerted that nitrogen encourages weed growth, so applying hefty nitrogen when your yard has not greened up or when your lawn is dormant will certainly encourage pesky weeds to pop up.

In 2015 the south was under a serious dry spell. If your grass is under these kind of conditions avoid fertilizing your lawn. Fertilizers require a good amount of water to release their nutrients and if the fertilizer is applied without ample watering the fertilizer will burn your lawn.  It is far better to avoid fertilizing your yard if watering is not allowed or available during harsh summer months.

One last thing to check when buying your fertilizer is how long it will last. Some fertilizers will release in the soils over time 2 – 8 weeks. You wouldn’t want to put down 8 weeks time launch fertilizer every 4-5 weeks due to the fact that you would ultimately over fertilize and burn your grass. A good general rule is about 6-8 weeks between applications. This routine will help keep your grass lush, green and healthy.