Expert Tips On Lawn Care During The Spring

Expert Tips On Lawn Care During The Spring

Now is the perfect time for homeowners to begin prioritizing and planning for the revival of their lawn or garden prior to spring. Grass is likely to start growing when there’s still frost on the ground, and people ought to look after fresh grass effectively to ensure the grass healthy growth in Spring. The professionals in yard care recommend sufficient TLC for the grass.  Grass should b fertilized early in the Spring and allowed to grow 2 – 3 1/2 inches.

Let the grass grow and don’t jump the gun to mow right away, because this will make the grass stronger and thicker.  Taller grass also fights off the weeds,  preventing them from multiplying as well as obtaining a bigger share of the nutrients from the ground.

Perfect Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

​Early Spring is best to apply a fresh layer fertilizer and weed control. This will aid boosting the grass growth and make it green quicker, which were diminished of important nutrients due to the cool winter season. In particular, tackle the plant bed for perennials. Do this in early springtime for best results.

Inspecting the dirt’s pH level is additionally a must, particularly if your area experienced heavy snowfall and salt was used to deal with frost. Most people never think about checking the pH level of their soil and just accept the results of how their grass looks and grows in the spring.  If you’re able to determine if your soil has the right pH level, you can boost the result of your garden not just in the springtime, but also in the summer. The ideal pH level is 5.5; therefore, if your soil has this pH degree or is within close range, you can discard the application of crushed limestone.

Eliminate Lawn Pests In Your Yard 
It is also important for homeowners to lay down slug baits. Slug eggs hatch in the spring and the last thing you want is for lawn pests to take over the roots of your grass and make dead spots all over the lawn. The cheapest slug baits you can use are homemade beer catches; pour beer in shallow paper cups throughout your grass and the slugs will get drawn in to them, drink, drown and die. Lastly, remove puddles or water deposits since these can bring in lawn bugs and rodents. Cleanliness is vital to yard pest control in the spring, so see to it that your lawn is free from pest attractants. Inspect the locations where water is likely to collect and clean it as soon as possible.

Work With A Professional Lawn Care And Pest Control Company
It is always best to work with a local lawn care and pest control company like Complete Treatment Systems.  They can evaluate the soil and healthiness off the grass.