How To Keep Your Colorado Springs Lawn Pest Free And Green

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Summer brings a desire to spend time outside and enjoy your yard.  And, maintaining a lawn is not just about a beautifully landscaped yard, it is about keeping it pest-free.  That way you can be proud to invite people over for summer bar-b-ques and enjoy entertaining more often.  Remember too, that having a healthy lawn to enjoy is also meant to be pleasing to the homeowner.

Read further for our tips on how to keep a pest-free and green lawn.  ​

Common Pests to Look Out For


A Japanese beetle is a common and very destructive pest.  They have been known to infest the leaves of plants, so if you have a garden be on the lookout.  After they infest the leaves of plants they usually become quite unhealthy and die.

Then there is the black African beetle.  They feed on the roots of your lawn, and they can be found in summer and spring.  They can leave massive damage that could cost a lot of money to fix.

Mole crickets dig through the soil of your lawn and then proceed to eat the roots.

Armyworms, sod webworms, and cutworms actually do cut the grass off near the soil.

Wireworms are creatures that eat the embryos of the plants, and this prevents germination.
Insects, especially ticks and fire ants, like to hide in tall grass. This can be especially dangerous to dogs who may pick up a tick while running around the yard.

​Mow your grass regularly and keep it short to keep ticks away.
Also be aware of fire ants, mammals like deer, birds, and rabbits who like to eat plants, and birds.

How to Avoid Pests in Your Lawn

Follow these tips on how to maintain a healthy and green yard.  First, make sure your yard is clean.  If you have trash laying around your lawn, it can attract pests and critters.

Get rid of dead and decomposing plants, they invite flies, ants, and rodents.  Clean up after your dog if you have one.  Also, consider having any dead tree stumps removed.  You will also need to rake your mulch frequently because ants like to use it to build their nests.  If you have firewood in the backyard that is stacked against your home consider moving it.

​Rodents might use it to make their nests.  Instead, stack the wood off the ground and away from your house.  Avoid standing water from storms.  Or from birdbaths and pools.  Standing water attracts insects like mosquitoes.

Mow Your Lawn

You will need to mow your lawn to the appropriate length to keep your lawn green and healthy.  If the grass is too long it could be damaged by pests feeding on it.  And you should water the lawn, but avoid overwatering.

​A lawn that has been overwatered can prevent the roots of your lawn from growing.  It will stress the turf and become vulnerable to diseases.  Make sure your sprinklers or hoses are applying water evenly.