How You Stop Bugs From Ruining Your Lawn

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Eliminating Lawn Pests In Your Pueblo Yard

Living in Pueblo Colorado, your backyard can serve as a wonderful space to entertain and relax, the presence of insects can really ruin the experience of spending time outdoors.  Yes, insects are an important part of the chain of life, but their buzzing presence and biting habits can really put a damper on a backyard party or picnic.  And unfortunately, your lawn could be at risk for being a breeding ground for annoying insects that carry diseases and can also damage your backyard.  Below is a detailed list of suggestions to try in order to keep your lawn bug free.

6 Easy Ideas To Stop Bugs

Eliminate Standing Water
Standing water is a pool of water that does not flow.  It can occur at any size, and usually happens after severe storms or excessive watering of the lawn.  It can also be created by a swimming pool that has not been tended to or a forgotten bucket of water that overflowed after it rained.Standing water is a natural invitation to mosquitoes or other annoying bugs to make a home of your backyard.  Unclog your gutters regularly, and fill in any sunken areas to your lawn so that water cannot collect.  Change the water in your birdbaths or kiddie pools on a regular basis, or you will start to see the insects flock to your backyard.  If you have done all of the above, and still have standing water, it may be a sign of a design flaw in your lawn.  Talk to a lawn professional about options to correct the problem.Cover all Trash and Recycling Cans
If you keep your trash and recycling cans outside, they must be covered, or the flies and ants will be attracted to your lawn.  A good idea is to move the cans as far away as you can from where you like to entertain and relax.

Keep Food Covered During a Bar-B-Que
One of the best ways to entertain in your backyard is to have a Bar-B-Que or picnic.  However, insects will be drawn to your backyard when food is present.  After everyone has been served, make sure to cover your food!

Tidy up Those Weeds
Weeds and overgrown brush serve as great hiding areas for families of bugs and insects.  Make sure to keep your grass trimmed and pulls your any weeds to protect your yard from pesky critters.

Add Bug Repellent Plants to Your Landscape
Consider using plants that naturally repel insects when planning your landscaping.  Some plants that bugs are repelled by include lavender, lemongrass and chrysanthemum.  This is a nice way to further reduce the number of bugs that visit your lawn.

Use Citronella Oil
Using a citronella oil candle is another natural and affordable option to keep your backyard bug free.  Citronella has been approved by the FDA and is perfectly safe to use, especially in candle form. If you light up a citronella candle while outside, it will mask the scent of human lactic acid, which is what the bugs are attracted to in the first place.