Lawn Aeration Tips For Spring

Lawn Aeration Tips For Spring
To have a lawn that thrives it needs water, nutrients (fertilizer), and oxygen to be able to penetrate down to the roots.  However, lawns can get too compacted for this to happen, especially if the lawn has a thick thatch layer which can prevent anything beneficial from moving down to its roots. To help combat thatch buildup, homeowners should consider lawn aeration, a process that breaks up the surface of a lawn to allow air and water to reach the roots.

Lawn Aeration DefinedThe process of lawn aeration helps fight the buildup of thatch which makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe.  Sometimes lawn aeration can be as simple as poking holes in the soil of your lawn so that oxygen, water, and nutrients can reach the roots.  However, this method only works in superficial cases, and most lawns need what is called “core aeration”. Core aeration involves using a machine called a lawn aerator that has hollow tines that remove plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn.  This helps break up the compacted soil and allows access to the roots of the lawn.  The main purpose of any lawn aeration is to create a channel for water, oxygen, and nutrients to find their way to the roots of your lawn.

Can I Aerate in Spring?

To be honest, most homeowners do not aerate their lawns enough.  This is a common mistake because the main reason to aerate is to make sure your lawn and the soil underneath is able to access water, air, and nutrients (fertilizer). Some think that spring is not the ideal time to aerate your lawn, and that fall is a more appropriate time. However, aeration performed in spring or fall can help control lawn thatch. Especially, if the soil is so compacted that the existing grass cannot grow. Grassy areas that have more foot traffic require aeration more frequently, so if you have children playing out on the lawn, please consider lawn aeration. If you plan to do lawn aeration in spring, plan on later in spring.  That is when weeds have established but before they flower and go to seed. For many climates, this occurs around Memorial Day.

Springtime Aeration Combined With Over-seeding

To really bring your lawn to life, you may want to consider springtime aeration combined with over-seeding.  Spring over-seeding means to use the seeds of new grass to thicken the turf of your lawn.  This helps your lawn be more resistant to insects and drought.  The effectiveness of spring over-seeding can only be enhanced by lawn aeration.  However, pay close attention to soil moisture when over-seeding in spring.  The seedlings need to be consistently and frequently watered before the summer heat hits.  Over-seeding lawns in spring can also make your lawn more attractive looking.  Just like core aeration, over-seeding your lawn requires machinery.   Basically, the seed is applied with a drop spreader or rotary.  Sometimes, it is best to leave these techniques to professionals who have experience operating such machines.

Why Use A Professional Yard Care Company?
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