Professional Tips For Controlling Weeds In The Yard

Professional Tips For Controlling Weeds In The Yard

You did the landscaping properly, planted the perfect type of grass for your lawn, and even bought the right watering system to keep your lawn green throughout the season.

Just when you are starting to relax and enjoy your yard, a bunch of yellow dandelions pop out of nowhere and ruins everything.

What will you do about it?
1.      Let it flourish, after all, flowers are a wonderful embellishment on any lawn.
2.      Buy any generic weed killer and use it to eliminate the problem.

Well, experts in gardening recommend neither of those steps.

Good weed control is a process which requires a lot of hard work. Small patches of weed can be dealt with by simple uprooting. However, when the patches are larger, or the entire lawn is infested, expert help becomes very necessary.
Here, are tips on how to control weeds which you will find very useful

Do Not Allow Weeds to Set Seed
Weeds are any plant whose presence in your lawn or garden that does not come from the fact that you planted them. Weed problems multiply and become a problem when you allow the existing ones to flourish and seed.When weeds seed on your lawn, they lead to a perennial weed problem which is close to impossible to handle.  Once seeds from weed set in your soil, it will take years to remove them. Some lawns or gardens take as much as five years to get weed-free. However, most weed species deplete in two to three years.

Mulch Often as Possible 
Mulch is another effective way to deal with weed in your landscaping.  For the best results, apply two to three inches of mulch all over your landscape areas.  Alternatively, you could use landscape fabric to cover the entire planted landscaped or problematic spots.

Mulch blocks the weeds from accessing sunshine, which stops them from germinating. Additionally, it promotes better water retention and provides the grass with the needed nutrients to flourish.

Make Use Of Your Tools
The simple and mechanical way to remove weeds is through tilling. You can use a hoe, tiller or even make use of hand weeding to remove weeds from your garden. Tillers aerate the soil and keep your flower beds free from weeds regardless of the season.

Hand weeding is a simple task, especially when the area you are tilling is small. It is also the most effective way to handle species of weed in the yard that cannot be eliminated using herbicides.

Separate the Garden from the Surrounding 
Most perennial weed problems become impossible to solve because the area surrounding the garden keeps feeding it with seeds.
Creating a perimeter of separation between the garden and the rest of the yard is the best way to reduce the growth of new weeds in the area.

How to Control Weeds: Ask for Professional Help
As a homeowner in Pueblo or Canon City Colorado, weed treatment is a job which you probably have to deal with all year round. If you have a persistent yard weed control problem which you haven’t been able to eliminate despite trying these methods, contact us for advice and assistance.